Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Not Easy Bein' Green..... Or Is It?

Well perhaps not for Kermit the Frog, but seems its a piece of cake for Gordon Campbell.

Do wonders never cease? Gordo just returned from the 2009 Governors’ Climate Summit in California held September 30 to October 02. This corporate puppet a.k.a. our duly elected dictator, continues to portray himself as organic green. It’s nothing short of astounding!

Here’s a clip from a recent press release by the Office of the Premier:

LOS ANGELES – Premier Gordon Campbell signed the 2009 Governors’ Climate Summit Declaration on behalf of British Columbia, committing the Province to work co-operatively with all levels of government around the world to combat climate change.

“Climate change is a challenge on an unprecedented scale and calls for an unprecedented level of co-operation between governments at all levels – national, state, provincial and municipal,” said Premier Campbell. “This declaration reaffirms our commitment to work collaboratively with other jurisdictions around the world, even as we take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within our own province. I want to thank California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and all host governors for giving a voice to sub-national governments on this important issue.”


This government is actively supporting and promoting the Northern Gateway Enbridge Pipeline across northern BC that will carry dirty Alberta Tar Sands oil to a proposed oil tanker port at Kitimat (snuffing a 30-year moratorium on coastal tanker traffic) that protected us from oil spills similar to the Exxon Valdez. This will allow a 50% increase in production from the Tar Sands, the biggest contributor to GHG emissions in Canada, and considered the most destructive project on the planet.

BC is currently one of the largest exporters of coal, providing carbon emitting fuel for power plants and steel production in Japan and South Korea. (now possibly including the new proposed Vancouver Island mine). Is this “working with governments around the world to combat climate change”? A little hard to swallow!

The lower mainland Gateway Project will produce more urban sprawl and build freeways gobbling up food producing Fraser Valley farmland while massively increasing single vehicle freeway traffic and consequently GHG emissions, instead of opting for increased rapid transit initiatives.

Gordon Campbell and the Fiberals blatantly promote off shore oil exploration and development and have provided 1.5 billion dollars in subsidies to oil and gas companies. That’s your tax dollars by the way! Green Initiatives???

And this government is in full support of coal-bed Methane gas exploration by British Petroleum (BP) in the pristine Flathead Valley of southeastern BC, an area that many foresaw as a future National Park.

It’s goes on and on.....there's no end in sight!!!


The Terminator and the Corporator

Photo Courtesy of Gordo's Public Affairs Bureau

I can honestly say I never really envisioned my blog as engaging in political commentary. My sole concerns at the root have always been “close to the heart” environmental issues. However, it seems inevitable that when addressing environmental issues you're drawn into the realm of political discourse, unavoidably when you share a province with the likes of Gordon Campbell and Co.

Quite frankly, politics makes me very weary, being foreign to my generally peaceful state of mind. I'd say I have a sort of “respectful disdain” for most politicians. An oxymoron perhaps, but I do reluctantly accept politics as a necessary evil in running the affairs of the human race. I even believe a rare few are actually there to serve.

But seriously, one cannot responsibly ignore Gordon Campbell. It’s not so much a crime that he’s selling himself and his political and corporate cohorts as green. That’s mere hypocrisy. The real crime is that the people of British Columbia buy into this gigantic lie. It’s tragic.....we’re being robbed of our geographic and natural heritage and ultimately our future. We follow like lambs to the slaughter as he gives away our province to corporate interests and the global new world order.

HOW DOES HE DO ALL THIS? Well, seemingly a bullet proof image (until recently) provided by his Public Affairs Bureau along with the "conscience soothing" carbon tax was all he needed. Meanwhile the corporately “dominated” mainstream media hailed him as a veritable “little green leprechaun”. Add to the scenario an NDP Party that offered no real alternative vision (and still doesn’t) and you've got a bogus carbon tax and a government seen in the eyes of the public as a panacea for climate change.

Sorry folks, but the buck stops with us. Let’s be realistic...with greatly fluctuating fuel prices the carbon tax isn't even noticed at the pumps, and statistics reflect that fact.

FUEL CONSUMPTION HAS ACTUALLY INCREASED SINCE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CARBON TAX. Further, those in rural British Columbia who often use their vehicles because they have to, not because they want to, are screwed by this ‘green wash’ political tactic. The big polluters...including the oil and gas companies.....yes they pay, but it’s returned to them in generous subsidies (as noted 1.5 billion dollars in subsidies) to keep them at work devastating our planet for personal gain, squeezing the last fossil fuels out of mother earth here in BC and Alberta.

There are alternatives to the Campbell's ineffective CT and numerous avenues to pursue for reducing GHG emmissions here in BC and worldwide. Increasing rapid transit, promoting car and ride sharing, curtailing the auto industry from further production and promotion of unnecessarily large gas guzzling consumer vehicles and above all putting the 'cuffs' on large industrial polluters. Numero Uno...immediate scaling down of the "Canadian" Tar Sands.

I could go on forever. Enough said! Let’s get rid of this white collar criminal before the next election (there are democratic options). It’s really up to us folks.....together we can toss out this arrogant crook through recall or a general strike! The Americans got rid of Nixon.....we can do the same with Gordo!!!

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