Sunday, October 17, 2010

Location of my Blog Title image?

The image currently at the top of Blog is my friend Anna Rose on the banks of Howser Creek in the Purcell Mountains north of Kootenay Lake, British Columbia. (Copyright Doug Pyper)

This pristine glacial-fed creek is currently under threat from independent power producers . The plan currently under review by the BC government would divert the creek into a huge tunnel to a power generating station leaving the creek bed dry forever.

A similar plight faces of thousands of creeks and rivers across our province under the recent BC Energy Plan legislation. A frightening situation which puts the future of British Columbia and our beautiful natural resources at risk.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Website Changes, Fresh Blog and New Directions

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to my Blog. Actually more than a while..…my last post was on returning from Ecuador last March. I must apologize for my lack of enthusiasm in this regard.

I’m now looking at renewed focus on publishing, and promise to deliver on a regular basis. Though not the reason to begin blogging again, returning to and spending the next three months in South America will certainly be a major stimulant. I’m in no way planning a generic travel blog, although I’m sure the new surroundings will give birth to much inspiration. I will be travelling throughout Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

I envision my ‘new’ blog as multi-faceted, focusing on stories and images from near and far. It is my goal to create engaging photojournalism, showcasing creative images and expressing my thoughts and opinions on all things including environmental issues, regional and international culture, people, politics and the art and craft of photography in general. Hope to make it all informative, enlightening and an enjoyable read. Not to mention (of course) sharing my images on a regular basis. I will be posting links to my website image galleries and multimedia productions on a regular basis.

I had a great summer, during which I began thinking about how things are changing in the photography world and for me personally as a photographer. Recent changes to my website pretty much sum up where I’m heading with in my profession and my personal life…which are virtually inseparable. What’s new and exciting and what I’m leaving behind in some respects is due to the changes resulting from the digital age on this profession ….some things just don’t work anymore. One example is marketing stock photography globally through agencies. However, marketing stock images to local and regional clients seems as good as ever, if not better. In other respects changes are just a result of artistic growth, which seems to be drawing me in some new and exciting directions.

I have removed marketing “wedding photography” from my website entirely. I will continue to take some bookings and I do enjoy it, but quite frankly I find it (the business) all a bit of a circus these days with the advent of the digital camera…something I prefer not be associated with anymore.

As always my commercial work will continue, but my past focus on editorial, cultural and multimedia has blossomed into a major passion recently. I am equally excited about increased world travel and associated assignments and projects.

In my travels to South America this winter I will be engaging (along with other work) in a few assignments for NGO’s including a shoot for Children International in Ecuador. Very inspiring given my love for photographing children.

Hope you all had a chance to view my new image galleries from the past year on my website Portfolio page. Particularly special to me is the gallery “The Children of Ecuador” All galleries are viewable as slideshow. Check it out!

I have recently become a member of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers….a very inspiring organization of humanitarian and cultural photographers. I have been a member of the Editorial Photographers of Canada for years. Both are now linked on my homepage.

Please visit my website to see the somewhat new look (changes) and check out images in my Portfolio from the past year if you haven’t been there for a while.

I’ll post about my upcoming trip to South America soon. Leaving in five days!!!