Thursday, September 20, 2012


Food Security in the Modern Global Age.

Local food security may become a survival issue in the very near future. Closer than we all might imagine!

Most of our food here in Canada travels an average of 3000 km. to reach the shelves of the local super markets.

The maintenance and continuance of that scenario depends on fluctuations in management of global food distribution, controlled by huge corporate agri-businesses worldwide and further affected by the availability of diminishing and expensive fossil fuels to provide ongoing transportation of the global food supply.

This sensitive food chain could decline or even crash in the very near future, given the state of the global economy and ongoing political volatility worldwide.

It's continuance is solely based on corporate profit margins, not human need. There is absolutely no consideration given to humanitarian concerns or the survival of humankind in any cultures or countries in our present system.

We in developed counties will suffer the consequences of a crash in the system no less than those in developing countries.

Imagine going to the supermarket and there's no more food on the shelves.

Our food does not come from supermarkets!

Know where your food comes from.....and understand, given the situation, that source may well change or diminish in the very near future.

We must begin again to take at least some responsibility for feeding ourselves. Our global food system is not sustainable, and we must begin to understand that reality and start building some semblance of  local food security for the future.

The following is a multimedia production from a recent panel discussion of food security in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. An area that actually does implement  a certain degree of food security....and it seems there is a growing awareness there of the need for such.

We might all do well to consider the message inherent in this discussion.

Food Security Panel Discussion

from Doug Pyper on Vimeo.

Some 'food' for thought.

Please do offer your comments and thoughts here. It is something we should all be aware of and openly discussing.